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Top 10 Things to Do at the Entrance NSW | Attractions & Activities

Surrounded by lakes, lagoons and beaches, The Entrance has been a popular holiday destination since its first guest house was erected in 1885. Its location is perfect as it makes the most of the magnificent NSW coastline. The Entrance sits right between the Tuggerah Lake on the northern and western side and the Pacific Ocean on the eastern side.

Here, you will find tons of The Entrance activities for both kids and adults. Below is a list of 10 of The Entrance attractions.

The Entrance Ocean Baths

The Entrance Ocean Baths

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1) The Entrance Ocean Baths

This is the only ocean pool on the Central Coast. Get into your bathing suit and have a dip in the Entrance Ocean Baths. If you are worried about your kids missing out, just stop. You will find a 50-metre pool for adults and a children’s pool too. They even offer the necessary associated facilities.

These baths were manufactured between the year 1938 and 1965 and, although the initial Ocean Baths started simply as a rock pool, they are now an engineering masterpiece.

Address: 88 Ocean Parade, The Entrance NSW 2261

Phone: (02) 4333 3711

The Entrance Coast to Lake Walk Map

The Entrance Coast to Lake Walk Map


2) Coast to Lake Walk

The Entrance Coast to Lake Scenic Walk is a self-guided one that connects all the pedestrians to the attractions, landmarks and all facilities found around The Entrance. It covers more than 7.6 kilometres of this breathtaking area. If you are a fast walker, you can manage to cover the whole walk in less than two or three hours leisurely.

As you continue with your walk, you can get out your picnic basket and blanket at the picnic and barbeque areas. Look out for other great amenities like ocean baths, beaches, lookouts and outdoor fitness station. If you had not packed any picnic basket, do not fret; just grab a meal at the different cafes along this walk, and if you are an art lover, there are galleries to check out.

Do not forget to pack some sunscreen, a hat and water bottle that you can refill at any of the many water stations along the way.

You can easily access sections one, three and four using prams and bicycles. However, section two requires walking on rock platforms and beach access.

If you are walking with your dog, it will be allowed in sections one, three and four if you are leading it. However, section two, which happens to be the beach, doesn’t allow pets.

3) Vera’s Water Garden

Vera’s Water Garden is the ultimate fun spot for kids. They can enjoy dipping their feet in the wading pool, run past the water sprays and climb over the vividly coloured fountains.

Parents will find an ample sitting area with free WiFi where they can relax and watch their kids have fun. This water garden is situated next to the Memorial Park.

Address: Memorial Park off Marine ParadeThe Entrance NSW 2261

Phone: 1800 335 377

The Entrance Skate Park

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4) The Entrance Skate Park

This park is the living proof that skateboards are not just for skateboarders but also scooters, rollerbladers, bikers and BMX. This means that skate parks are places where you can spend hours just watching in awe.

This park is professionally designed to give you all the elements needed to do all your full suite tricks. Your kids will be fascinated by the skills displayed. Who knows, they might even be inspired and take their turns.

Address: Tuggerah Parade Corner of The Entrance RoadThe Entrance NSW 2261

5) North Entrance Beach

This beach is bordered to the north by Wyrrabalong National park and The Entrance Channel opening to Tuggerah Lakes to the south. Powerful surf stands at 1.6 metres and has a double bar system, running the length of the beach. If you are looking to swim, the safest part is the south of the Surf Club.

However, if you are trying to bathe, avoid the currents and holes at the opening to Tuggerah Lakes. You can also enjoy fishing and prawning here.

You will get oceanfront restaurants and alfresco dining spots within the beach. Accommodation options range from budget style cabins to upmarket resorts. You will also get transport buses from Wyong train station.

6) The Entrance Heritage Walk

Do you love art and history? Take a walk along this Heritage Walk and get acquainted with the local characters of the old days as you enjoy the old world photos. This entrance is full of history, offering you more than just a vacation destination.

Here, you will get to learn the lifestyle, landscape and larrikins that aided in the creation of The Entrance, which is best known for its splendour and relaxed atmosphere. Take your time to enjoy this tour.

7) Pelican Feeding

This exercise takes place on The Entrance waterfront daily, making it one of most sought-after tourist attractions in the Central Coast. It also entertains and educates tourists and residents about the area’s pelican colony.

The tradition was started over two decades ago by a local fish shop staff who started by feeding feed scraps to the pelicans daily. In 1996, The Entrance Town Centre Management constructed the current feeding platform known as Pelican Plaza.

They have collaborated with various sponsors and volunteers to ensure that pelicans are fed with fresh fish all year round, making it the spectacle it is today. Feeding usually starts at 3:30 pm and pelicans always keep time by coming for the food.

8) The Entrance Beach

This is a popular everyday aquatic playground. The entrance beach is within walking distance that offers attractions and facilities like the coastal boardwalk, sea baths, undercover BBQ and picnic tables and children’s playground and park. There are also shops, restaurants, cafes, weekend markets and live entertainment for the whole family. You can hire boat ramps or a fishermen boat from the Tuggerah Lake and The Entrance Channel.

Also, you can hire sailboards, canoes, catamarans, pedal boats, surf skis and aqua bikes for extra fun with your entire family.

The beach is patrolled daily from the October long weekend to the end of the April school holiday break. You will get public facilities and grassed picnic tables that are undercover. If you choose to drive yourself there, there is street-side parking and a public car park that is a walking distance away.

9) Sensory Gardens

This is found at Terilbah Reserve, The Entrance North. These gardens are a joint project of Lions Club of The Entrance and Central Coast Council.

The gardens are full of native plants and trees, have a viewing platform that overlooks the magnificent Tuggerah Lake, bridges, pathways, all-weather shelters and restful seats.

This garden is disability-friendly and suitable for people of all ages. Visually impaired visitors can smell, touch and feel all the aromas and textures of the Australian bush.

10) Tuggerah Beach

This beach stretches six kilometres, making it one of the longest on the Central Coast. This isolated beach is hidden alongside the famous North Entrance Beach and enclosed by Wyrrabalong National Park. Its attractive bush tracks make it one of the most picturesque.

This beach is not patrolled since it is open, and swimming is usually not recommended. This could be why it is frequented by local fishermen.

You can only access Tuggerah Beach by a car since there isn’t public transport. You will find spacious parking space, but you must know how to find the hidden roads to the beach. There is enough accommodation just a short driving range too.

There are a lot of fun places and things to do at The Entrance NSW both for you and the kids. If you are wondering what to do at The Entrance, why don’t you plan your vacation there and have an experience of a lifetime? Just remember to check for any upcoming events and weather conditions before planning for your vacation. Have fun at The Entrance!

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