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Why Luxury Vacation House Rentals Become Popular in Australia

When staying in Australia, holiday travelers now have more options than luxury hotels when it comes to five-star accommodations. Now, travelers can enjoy the luxury, privacy, and spaciousness of five-star accommodations in the comfort of a luxury home.


Alex Ormerod manages Luxico, an Australian company that rents luxury home hotels to holiday travelers. “Guests are looking for an experience these days,” Ormerod said, “exclusive use of private homes in some of Australia’s most incredible locations offer exactly that.” Ms. Ormerod has been running Luxico since 2013, filing an untapped niche in the Australian five-star accommodation market. The company offers luxury rental properties, equipped with full twenty-four hour service and concierge, including guest compendiums, housekeeping, and room service. Since opening in 2013, the company has grown substantially, and the Luxico website is crowded with available rentings.

Luxico lets customers book homes up to 12 months in advance. Nevertheless, Ms. Ormerod said, many properties remain available for short-notice vacations, even in the months close to Christmas. “For the homeowner, said Ms. Ormerod, “it gives them joy to see others enjoy their home, peace of mind, added security as well as subsidizing their own holidays.” The constant availability, she suggests, makes it a unique option for travelers looking for holiday rentals in Australia.


Beachfront Holiday Homes

Resting quietly in the cool foliage of Australian palm trees, the Trinity Beach Palace overlooks the clear blue sea and crashing waves of the Australian coast. With five bedrooms, the thousand-square meter beachfront home has become a favorite celebrity destination. The home has hosted such guests as Michelin-starred chefs, as well as two rock bands, including U2. The property is owned by Otto and Virginia Buttula and costs AU $15,000 (US$11,100) to rent per week.


Trinity Beach Palace is also currently for sale, priced at a meager A$10 million (US$7.4 million). While the house awaits a new owner, it continues to serve as a popular holiday home for families, celebrities, corporate events, or groups of friends.


Wendy Rogers, a former yacht host, manages the property full-time with her husband David. The home boasts a state-of-the-art security system, intimate privacy, a commercial bar, gourmet kitchen, safari-themed living room, a library, a gym, a sauna, a fifty-meter swimming pool, and an African-style open bath house with two open bars. David Rogers is a talented chef, Mrs. Buttala reports, saying: “We’ve had one family from Sydney whom David cooked for during their entire visit—breakfast, lunch and dinner,” She went on to say that the family “enjoyed themselves so much” that they halted their other plans “and decided to stay put behind the gates and enjoy the house and the beach.”

Although Trinity Beach Palace is already booked for Christmas and New Years, there are vacancies both before and after.


Besides the beach houses, many homes are intriguing from a design perspective, offering travelers the opportunity to experience the latest in architectural and interior innovations. Such homes include the Angel Wing, designed by Peter Stutchbury, a home that won the Australian House of the Year Award in 2014. It will cost A$1,400 (US$1,000) to rent each night. There’s also the Myoora resort on Sydney harbor, a Balinese-style home featured on the TV show “Grand Designs Australia” or the Star Trek-based Northern Beaches home.


Make a Good Choice

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Matthew Fleming, who works as the managing director for Contemporary Hotels talked about the appeal of these luxury homes. These luxury homes aren’t just being rented by the rich and famous. Many people, he said, rent them to stay in a home they can’t afford, getting a taste of luxury living over the holidays.


The shift to luxury housing mirror many of the changes in the hotel business worldwide. More and more people are eschewing hotels for five-star luxury homes, enjoying the luxurious living of five-star accommodations during their holiday or vacation. Companies like Luxico offer travelers the opportunity to experience everything from luxurious beachfront homes to architectural masterpieces, making them a growing niche in the Australian luxury accommodation economy.

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